Creating Healthy Marriages & Families

Through the Genesis Divorce and Family Center, we work hard to prevent divorce and reconcile family relationships. 

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Creating Peace Through Divorce

Seems impossible, right? Yet we have helped hundreds of couples navigate the turbulent waters creating peaceful outcomes.

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Create Peace Through Aging

The demands can be overwhelming helping parents through the aging process. You are not alone. We can come along side.

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Create Peace Through Estate Settlements

Maybe you saw it coming, but the fighting over the estate is crazy and ripping your family apart. Where can you turn? We can help create peace and reconcile family relationships. 

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Create Peace & Performance At Work

We can help create peace at work, and boost performance! Sounds like a great combination, right? No drama and more production. We consult with family businesses, small to medium-sized businesses and non-profits. 

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Create Peace in Neighborhoods

Through the Genesis Good Hearth HOA Center, we bring community back to neighborhoods. Got conflict in your HOA? We can help with that. 

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Create Peace in the Christian Family

Doctor Peace was a pastor for over 30 years. His heart is for peace in churches, Christian non-profits and between other Christians. Through the Genesis Peace Group, we can help create peace at church, at work, or in your family.

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