Dr. Randall Kinnison

At 45, I was on a week retreat of solitude, reflection, prayer, meditation and planning. I was asking God and myself the focus for the second half of my life? Since age 22, I was a pastor serving churches in Sioux Falls, SD, Ellinwood, KS, and Portland, OR. My calling changed from serving traditional churches to becoming a bi-vocational House Church Planter. As I considered options to support my family, mediation was top on the list. I had experienced success in creating peace for others for much of my life. I became certified as a mediator in 2005 and launched Genesis Mediation and The Journey with Christ Network of Churches.

Since then, I now have over 9,000 hours of mediation experience. As I worked in different practice areas, I founded new companies in human resources and eldercare. Today, I not only lead Genesis Mediation in various states, but also Genesis Consulting Service and The Decision Tree of Aging. I am very grateful for my team. They are all amazing professionals. They make the dream work! My focus moving forward is writing, training, speaking and mentoring others.

In 2018, I was once again contemplating the years left in my life. There was a clear message from God to create a movement of peace. Our world desperately needs more peace. Thus, the launching of Doctor Peace Podcasts, the PeaceWave, and the future book, Creating a Life of Peace.

I was born and raised in Greeley, CO, married my high school sweetheart in 1976, and now reside in Portland, OR. Along the way, I earned bachelor, master, and doctoral degrees. We have 5 grown children with 4 grandchildren. I am blessed!