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The Doctor Peace Show: Episode 2: The Parent Talk


Intro - You have heard of the sex talk that parents should have with their pre-teens? Well, most parents do not have that talk. The same is true for the Parent Talk. Most kids do not have the talk about aging with their parents. What is the Parent Talk? It’s about getting things in order. Facing mortality. How will you age? Many parents do not like the talk just as pre-teens are not excited about talking about sex, seniors are not excited to talk about death.  As a mediator, I worked with families who were in conflict over the aging process [...]

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The Doctor Peace Show: Episode 1


Dr. Randall Kinnison, AKA, Doctor Peace, shares a bit of his background and passion around creating peace. The inaugural show is about the PeaceWave.  Randy’s vision and passion is helping to begin a Wave of Peace that will roll over our nation and beyond. Any movement starts with a few people who share the same vision and passion. Want more peace in your life and the world around you? Start with the Seven Daily Habits of Peace. I will deepen my own peace. You cannot pass along what you do not have. Want more peace in your world? You need to [...]

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