The Valentine Challenge


Want to deepen a relationship? Want to express your love in more than roses, chocolates, and a Hallmark card? Take the 14 day Valentine Challenge! The 6 steps of the Valentine Challenge: For 14 days, write a love letter to your lover. Be specific of how and why you love your partner. Think of attributes, both external and internal. Be grateful. Think of the little things he or she does for you. Think of why you were initially drawn to him or her. The first few days are easy. By the time you get to day 14, you will need to [...]

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Avoiding Holiday Family Fights


For some, getting through the stress of the holidays means trying to avoid the traditional family fight at Thanksgiving or Christmas.  I remember my grandfather drinking too much, getting mad at my mom, she ends up crying, and him leaving early huffing and puffing out the door.  So much for a Happy Thanksgiving or a Merry Christmas! As a mediator, I find avoiding family fights one of the top priorities for many during the holiday season.  Here are a few of the common fights: The In-Law Fight.  Marriage does instantly create family.  Parents never accepted the partner of the child.  Children [...]

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