Creating Waves Of Peace

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Creating Waves Of Peace


If you are interested in mediation, you have questions.

How do I get started?

What can I do in mediation?

Can I make money?

How much will it cost for training?

Where do I get training?

Who can supervise me?

And many more questions . . .

Doctor Peace offers a FREE course in mediation.

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Spend an hour with Doctor Peace and learn more about a career in mediation.

Doctor Peace offers FREE webinars monthly for those checking out a potential career in mediation. There is always time for Q & A. Doctor Peace wants to help over a 1,000 new people get started and find success as mediators in the next ten years. He defines success as reaching over 1,000 people in ten years and building a six-figure practice. Want to join the Peace Wave and help reach over a million people to experience more peace by 2030?

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So, you want to become a mediator….

You need the 40 Hour Basic Mediation Training Course as your foundation. Then, depending upon your previous training and experience, you need to take the Advanced Training. Now, you are ready to specialize with training in a practice area. These trainings designed and led by Doctor Peace are hybrids of online and live training. You can go at your own pace online. The live trainings are scheduled both at a physical location and virtual. You can either drive or fly to a location or join others in a virtual training. Doctor Peace keeps the trainings small, no larger than 12 people so he can interact with students.

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You have completed your foundational training, now what?….

This is a great time to debrief with Doctor Peace and discover your path forward in a mediation career.

Doctor Peace offers a

free 15 min consultation

Many people will need Advanced Training. Some, because of their previous training or background, can skip and move right into a specific training for a practice area. Courses offered are hybrid, online with live training.

Divorce & Family

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Eldercare & Estate

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Home Owners Association

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Supervision is an important part of learning your new profession of mediation.

Finding a supervisor is challenging. Doctor Peace and his team of experienced mediators can assist you with supervision. Give us a call and we can discuss the details.

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You are trained. You have a supervisor. You are ready to rock & roll….But wait! I’m not sure where to even begin.

We have you covered.
We can help with a website, basic marketing and help you build a successful practice. We want you to enjoy a six-figure income while helping over 1,000 people in ten years find more peace. Sounds like a great combination, right? Let’s get started!

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Creating a Successful Practice Online Course

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As a solo practitioner and entrepreneur, you need other people around you.

Jim Rohn said we are the average of the 5 people we spend our time around.

How about finding your peers and becoming part of the Peace Wave community of mediators?

For a small monthly fee of $99

You get access to the community and Doctor Peace. A small price for a place to find ANSWERS to your questions and support from others making a difference in creating peace.


So, you want to duplicate, create a team and raise your impact? AWESOME!.

Doctor Peace offers a Master Mind for those who want to take peace to the next level. He is looking for those who want to join him impacting thousands upon thousands in creating a movement of peace. Give Doctor Peace a call to discuss the details and see if you want to make the jump.

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